Nick Leidl and Frank Scarpati are friends. They were also fraternity brothers. Nick is older and wiser and from NJ. Frank is taller, has bluer eyes, and fits most Staten Island stereotypes. Nick has a bigger weiner. He also wrote this.

It's that friendship and natural banter that has catapulted “The Unwise Guys Podcast” off to a very successful start.

Never holding back on their targets or each other, the conversation is fresh and honest and it feels like you are sitting on the couch next to them. The concept started just 2 hours before the first episode. Nick (me) was a frustrated comedian and Frank called him (me) out of the blue and encouraged him (or me - I'm confused at this point) to get back out there, calling him out for not using social media in over 3 years.

Nick told Frank to drive over and let's try one of these things called a podcast. Then he came up with the name UnWise Guys, which was the first name that popped in his mind, yet coincidentally, tags them perfectly. Unscripted and unprepared, they sat down in front of a laptop, and with a $20 microphone, they recorded a pilot that got really positive feedback from mostly friends.

Now approaching their 40th episode, they have amassed well over 10,000 Instagram followers, largely fueled by their popular, unedited @Unwiseguys videos. The show that offers signature bits like “Idiot of the Week” and “Frankie Tweets” has become a habit for the people who look forward to a new episode every Tuesday.

To quote Nick, “we don't use the word 'fans'. I hate that word. We want you to be friends of the show.”

So join the friendship. It's growing by the hour.