Episode 46: Mayweather for the knockout but not my 100 bucks - Click Here to Listen Now!

The fellas discuss the Mayweather vs McGregor fight and of course their drastically different styles of how they watched it.

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Episode 45: My Doctor business - Click Here to Listen Now!

Frank calls out Nick for being a "no show" at a random block party this past weekend. Nick admits that he felt it was a pity invite so he didn't feel comfortable coming. Frank describes a new TV show that bothers him. Nick of course never watched it cuz he cut his cable. Frank then tells a great story about his picture being up in a liquor store near his house for apparently a transaction that never went thru. He made it right as he always does. Indulge.


Episode 43: Reunited and it feels so darn good - Click Here to Listen Now!

After a long break that kept the guys apart of for a bunch weeks, the UnWise Guys are back and sillier than ever. The conversation has the ebb and flow of a first date as you can hear the sparkle in Nick's voice as he jams with Frank. Get back on the train cuz the Udubz are back!


Episode 43 - Baby, you're a firework - Click Here to Listen Now!

The guys are excited to be back together as Frank passionately discusses the upcoming Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. They move on to the hung jury of Bill Cosby and give their 2 cents as Nick recalls a fun fact that one of the jury members punched a hole in the wall out of frustration. Punching wholes in the wall leads to a "bro talk" on punching holes in the wall. Frank admits that he has done it and the risk is hitting a stud in the wall. Nick recalls an old roommate who used to be a wall hole puncher. Frank then jumps into a "frankie tale" about throwing a knife at a wall and having it actually stick. Finally, they discuss July 4th and Frank lights up with excitement over fireworks. He teaches Nick several tidbits about the fireworks game. Join the fun!

Episode 42 - Frank's gonna be a daddy! - Click Here to Listen Now!

The guys banter back and forth until finally Frank announces that his wife is Pregnant. The discussion naturally leads to Nick's questions about kids and the stuff he should know but doesn't.


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